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Jane’s Closet was established in memory of Jane Wineteer, a community advocate dedicated to helping individuals battling cancer. 简于2006年3月被诊断出患有乳腺癌,并于2007年2月与乳腺癌作斗争. 通过她的考验和磨难,简想为那些与她有同样经历的人提供帮助. Jane was an employee of BBGH and a gracious giver. To support her vision of Jane’s Closet, she named BBGH as the beneficiary of her life insurance. 

Through fundraising and gracious donations, Jane’s vision of helping others battling cancer came to life. Recipients of Jane’s Closet are eligible to receive financial assistance, comfort bags, wigs, and scarves.

Jane’s Closet was founded with the goal of assisting those in need who are battling cancer. Assistance is not limited to a specific cancer. Whether the battle is with skin, breast, or prostate cancer, Jane’s Closet is there to help. Recipients must reside in Box Butte County.

Someone may request assistance on behalf of a loved one. To request a donation, for yourself or for a loved one, contact one of the Jane’s Closet representatives.

Donations are accepted at any time. To make a donation there are a few ways to go about it. A donation can be made through the Foundation’s secure online donation page at Donations can also be mailed by check to the Foundation at the address listed below. Also Paypal is now available. Lastly, donations can be made in person to the Foundation Director by check, cash, or card. Donations can be made in honor of someone specific, anonymous, or just because. Don't forget that donations are tax-deductible! 


Box Butte Health Foundation
2101 Box Butte Ave./PO Box 810 Alliance, NE 69301 | | 308-761-3079

Jane’s Closet Representatives
Lori Mazanec, 308.761.3428 | Mary Goodell, 308.761.3423 | Chelsea Thompson, 308.761.3079

希望之翼(帮助他人接受教育)是应简·温尼提尔的要求成立的一个委员会, who passed away in February of 2007 from breast cancer. 她梦想在博克斯巴特综合医院建立一个区域,为癌症患者提供资源.

希望之翼是为简衣橱提供材料和产品的母组织,旨在帮助被诊断患有癌症的地区居民应对疾病. 该组织还为癌症患者提供资金支持,帮助他们支付费用.g. travel and lodging).

Besides providing for those in need, Wings of HOPE continues to accept wigs, scarves, books or any other item appropriate for cancer patients of all ages. Cash donations to purchase such items are also accepted.