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Infusion, 或静脉注射疗法(简称IV疗法), 液体的输注是直接进入静脉吗. 这种液体通常被称为特种药品. IV therapy is the fastest way to deliver fluids and medications throughout the body, 与其他管理方式相比, 比如口服或局部治疗.

输液用于纠正电解质失衡,输送药物(如.g. 抗生素)、化疗和补液(例如.g. 纠正脱水或提供输血).

All patients are referred to the Infusion Department by attending physicians and mid-level providers.

The Infusion Department has a nurse on duty each day that can treat two patients at a time.

输液部的开放时间为周一至周五上午8:00至下午4:30. 该部门处理所有患者,无论年龄,从儿科到老年人.